The First Readings:
Washington, DC

The day after the New York event, Robert Pinsky headed to D.C. for an event hosted by the Library of Congress, his Laureate home.

Local poet David Gewanter gathered a wide range of Washingtonians to read favorite poems. When Gewanter walked into a police station and asked, "Does anyone here like poetry?" Sgt. Harry Hayes stepped forward. When he jumped in a cab inquiring, "Do you know any poems?" Mack McCoy said, "Sure I do."

The event reflected the diversity of dwellers in our nation's capitol and included students, teachers, a neurologist, an engineer and a United States Senator.

Senator Thad Cochran The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost
Read by Senator Thad Cochran
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John Clarke Those Winter Sundays
Robert Hayden
Read by John Clarke
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Campbell Kennedy The World Is a Beautiful Place
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Read by Campbell Kennedy
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