For Libraries
The Favorite Poem Project encourages public libraries to get involved by organizing “Favorite Poem” reading events in their communities.

A few years ago, the Favorite Poem Project sent "Strengthening Communities through the Art of Poetry" kits to 1,400 small and rural libraries across the United States, and to 43 State Centers for the Book. The distribution of these kits, which include a selection of FPP videos on VHS, a copy of the project anthology Americans' Favorite Poems and an event programming guide, was made possible by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The libraries that received the kits serve small populations, and have shown interest in public programming or demonstrated a need for materials. The project owes thanks to the American Library Association and the Library of Congress for helping to select recipient libraries.

The project has a limited number of the “Strengthening Communities through the Art of Poetry” kits available for free—on a first-come, first-served basis—to public libraries. If you work for a public library, and wish to receive a kit, please contact us.