Books and DVD

The third of the project's anthologies includes a free DVD containing 27 of the project's celebrated video mini-documentaries. The people in the videos, along with the letters and poems in the book, extend a welcoming invitation to rediscover the joy of reading poems. There is also a paperback textbook edition of the book/DVD, created especially for introduction to poetry classes at high school and college levels, with a comprehensive classroom guide provided free to teachers who adopt the book for a course. Contact

This second anthology emphasizes the pleasure of reading poems. The poems are arranged into chapters that represent some aspect of a life-such as youth, darkness, passion and art. Many of the poems are accompanied by comments from participants in the Favorite Poem Project.

The selections in this anthology, the first of the series, cross oceans and eras, placing ancient poems alongside contemporary poems and offering many poems in translation. Moving, amusing and insightful letters from readers accompany each poem.