The First Readings:

Twenty-five Bostoniansóincluding the President of the Massachusetts State Senate, a homeless Boston resident and a third-graderóread favorite poems to a full house at the Boston Public Library on April 8.

The Library President dressed in Western attire, complete with bolo tie and hat, to read a cowboy poem. Boston revealed some readers with special connection to poets, including Sylvia Plath's former teacher and the caretaker of the William Cullen Bryant Homestead. Readers recited poems in Spanish, Vietnamese and American Sign Language.

The event was sponsored by the Boston Public Library, The Library of Congress and Boston University.

Katherine Mechling The Sloth
Theodore Roethke
Read by a 5th grade student
28.8k video
56k video

Che Hairston My People
Langston Hughes
Read by Che Hairston
28.8k video
56k video

Rev. Dr. Michael E. Haynes A Psalm of Life
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Read by Rev. Dr. Michael E. Haynes
28.8k audio
Jon Westling The Idea of Order at Key West
Wallace Stevens
Read by Jon Westling
28.8k audio